design for print

four short projects

I was touched by the story of ‘Jonathon Livingston Seagull’ by Richard Bach and its message and decided to design a book cover. I began with traditional lino printing and completed the design digitally.

The second image was designed to accompany an article in The Guardian about pre-natal depression. This editorial illustration brief was an art school project.

I embarked on the ‘Keep the Sea Plastic Free’ project because I was concerned about the effect that our use of plastic bags has on the environment. Animals are sorely affected by the pollution caused by bags and those that wash out to the sea threaten turtles in particular as they can mistake them for jellyfish and choke on them. This design was printed onto an organic cotton bag, made a charitable organization. Please swap to re-useable bags and keep the sea plastic free.

The chimpanzee drawing is inspired by the Angela Carter short story ‘The Tiger’s Bride’.

The cat image was just a bit of fun really, it looks pretty kitsch and I enjoyed making it.

Illustration, Editorial, Animals, Traditional, Book Cover, textile, sustainable, lino-print